Month: March 2012

Treaty of Peace and Friendship

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In December 1777, Moroccan Sultan Muhammad III also known as Sidi Muhammad ibn Abdallah included America in a list of countries to which Morrocco’s ports were open.  With that message to foreign consuls for communications to European capitals, Morrocco became the first country whose head of state publicly recognized the new United States. Relations were formalized with the Morroccan-American Treaty of Friendship negotiated by Thomas Barclay, and signed by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Sidi Muhammad III. The treaty signed by Barclay and the Sultan, then Jefferson and Adams, was ratified by the Confederation Congress in July 1787.  it has withstood transalantic stresses and strains for more than 220 years, making it the keystone of the longest unbroken treaty relationship in United States history.